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The cloud has changed everything at a time when distributors are working tirelessly to transform themselves by pioneering new business models, products, services, and experiences. Operations optimization and continuous enhancement have never been more critical and the cloud is increasingly becoming a choice that is a catalyst for innovation and digital transformation for distributors.

Most distributors are only beginning to scratch the surface with the full potential of the cloud.  In the past, distributors purchased an on-premise ERP, they customized it to meet their specific needs but this made it expensive to maintain and difficult to upgrade.  The cloud is changing all of that.  It brings scale, process efficiency, employees productivity, and development speed which opens up all new possibilities.

Here are a few examples of distributors being able to move fast and adapt their business strategy more effectively by leveraging the agile nature of the cloud.

The Cloud first shift is happening and these are some great example of the types of transformation made possible with the Cloud.  It provides distributors with innovation, flexibility and speed due the simplification and elasticity it provides.  It also allows your technology providers like SAP to deliver the latest and greatest industry specific capabilities to customers rapidly.

Distribution was a changing industry prior to the pandemic, that change has accelerated.  I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that soon only through cloud-delivered applications will distributors be able to stay competitive in the industry.  As you look to modernize your strategy and systems, there is not one path to the cloud.  In order to find the best path for you, like the company examples above, it starts with understanding how it can help you to better serve your customers and suppliers.

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