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My last blog covered the topic “Why Wholesale Distributors Should Go Cloud”.

Within this topic, the key message was that wholesale distribution companies should focus on innovation and differentiation rather than ERP maintenance. Ongoing maintenance can and should be done by others.

This means SAP and respective hyperscalers should do the maintenance while the IT team supports business transformation initiatives and system improvements.

SAP now delivers an additional way to tackle this complex topic, coined “RISE with SAP”.

RISE with SAP is one offering containing a public or private cloud ERP with the world’s largest business network.  This individual bundle can help you to collaborate across your company while the business technology platform aspect keeps your organization agile and responsive to market changes and disruption.

Even better, RISE with SAP provides you with unmatched TCO.  Wholesalers can realize the value of investments sooner, with up to 20% reduction in TCO over five years*.  This one platform breaks down silos and integrates data, intelligent technologies, and ERP software without adding further burden to your IT team. Savings, speed, and decision-making are all improved, all across your entire company.

You are not alone!  Now is the time to move to the cloud and RISE with SAP to transform your business in the way that works best for your company.  SAP and Partners will be at your side!

To learn more about how SAP can help support your digital transformation initiatives, please visit our website.


*RISE with SAP allows customers to realize the value of their investment sooner, with up to a 20% reduction in TCO over five years for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition as compared to a traditional ERP deployment. TCO reductions and timelines are modeled estimates from interviewed company data taken from the following IDC studies: ECC and SAP S/4HANA TCO study (Nov. 2020) and IDC SAP S/4HANA Business Value Study (March 2020). Timelines and estimates are intended for illustrative purposes only, and SAP makes no guarantees as to actual results
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