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What is the Nomenclature of SAP tables

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Hi experts,

As I was going through SAP IS-U tables names like EVER, EVBS, etc.

Though I couldn't find the pattern. Please help me with SAP tables nomenclature.


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I'm sorry but these are just Abbreviations for German Names of the (main) Object. So for example :

  • EVBS = Table for VBS (VerBrauchStelle) => VSTELLE Datatype or 'Premise' ;
  • EVER = Table for VER (VERtrag) => VERTRAG Datatype or 'Contract' ;

Best way to see what is going on is just to Log In to your System in German ("DE") and you'll get it. See Trx."SE11" for the Tables ...

To get a Sample of the main IS-U Tables and their relations, see this link ...

Hi Nic,

This looks more convincing. Thanks for responding.


Hi Krashanu,

There is no definite rule for SAP ISU tables, as these are German names. However there is a general observation regarding the billing and FICA tables with exceptions.

Generally billing tables will start with E (ERDK, ERCH.. ), FICA tables will be from D (DFKKOP, DFKKZP, DFKKZK.. with exceptions like FKKMAKO, FKK_SEC , etc).

The link shared by Nic summarizes the details of main IS-U Tables and their relations.

Hope it helps.



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Thanks for responding