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Time Slice Information of data exchange for service provider

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Hi Folks,

I have a requirement where-in the service provider can receive message electronically and at times they can say they do not want to receive mesaages electronically.

Can we store the time slice information of service provider receving electronic message and when it is not receiving?

Is there any way in the data exchange definition where we can have this set-up being made.

I checked for due date option but it does not show timeslice information.




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Did you try to check?

Service Provider - Data Exchange - Data Exchange Process (Valid From - To) - Data Exchange Format (setting the sending conditions).


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Hi Vlado,

Data exchange format only lists the basic type and it s corresponding FM.

Data exchange definition has date information but does not talk about timesliced definition to be present.

Could you briefly let me know where i can find Data Exchange Format (setting the sending conditions)?



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In transaction EEDMIDESERVPROV02 go to the data exchange tab and click on the relevant process definition.

There you have the ability to timeslice.

For the period you do not want to send information (don't generate tasks automatically) set 'No due date control'.