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T-Code for Gas Consumption.

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Is their a standard report in IS-U which gives Gas consumption - portion wise in a billing cycle.EL31 gives present meter reading but not gas consumed in a billing cycle.



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Currently SAP does not have a report for the doing the same

This is the rough procedure in computing gas consumption in an

extrapolation period.

1. Determination of weights of base and extrapolation period

2. Determination of conversion factor key date -> to-dates of used meter

readings in base period

3. Calculation of energy (kWh) by using register difference and

conversion factor of base period

4. Extrapolation of consumption for extrapolation period in

consideration of the weights of the respective period

5. Determination of conversion factor key date -> end of extrapolation


6. Calculation of register readings by using extrapolated consumption

and conversion factor of this period -> Rounding of extrapolated

register reading

7. Now the billing schema is executed again by using the extrapolated

register readings

Apart from differences due to rounding the consumption (kWh)in the

extrapolation period depends mainly on the weights of both periods.

I hope you may find this explanation useful.