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Supply scenario for single contract model

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Hi together,

in normal case, a differnentiation in the supply of a point of delivery is made, using the supply scenario.

There it is defined, if it is only a grid usage, supply or any other kind of business scenario.

Now my question is:

does it make sence, to implement the functionality of the supply scenario, when I have a company in a country, that still has a single-contract-model (grid-usage and supply in one contract) ?

Where the differentation is made in the rate category on installation level and via the billing master data ?

And where only big customers ( > 100.000 kwh) are allowed to swich suppliers as they want to.

I have searched for information in this case, but did not really found any that is telling, that it is worth implementing it or stating, no, better not, because using the supply scenario functionality does only make sence, when implementing a two-contract-model (even in one SAP IS-U client) ?

What do you recommend / suggest / think ?

Thank you for your help and effort.

Kind regards,



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The supply scenario is used to define the service providers at the POD and contract – it was designed to provide the ability to automatically assign service providers to the POD and contract. It was designed to enable customers to implement using the single contract model; it can be used for a multiple contract model as well.

Supply scenario uses MDT to assign service providers and update master data (e.g. rate category). It is possible to copy the standard MDT and provide rules on how the master data is updated when there is a supply scenario change. 



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Good morning Bill,

thank you for your reply. Really appreciate it 🙂

The question is now: for how many customers, that are not full-service provided does it make sence to implement it, when having a single-contract-model ?

Because from the point of setting the system up that way, that the supply scenario functionality can be used as it is designed, it is not a 3months project in my opinion ?!

Kind regards,