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SAP HR-CRM Integration where CRM is Connected with Multiple backend systems

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Hello Gurus,

I am implementing a scenario of integrating SAP CRM with SAP HR. But In our current landscape, we have SAP ISU already integrated with SAP CRM. Now there is an HR system which is part of another box(system) i.e. there is another SAP ECC system in place.

Now the challenge is to integrate SAP HR (SAP ECC) with SAP CRM (Which is already connected to SAP ISU) to download organisation structures & employees.

For the above scenario, i would require your views: (Also correct me if am wrong with the assumptions that i have to consider)

1: First of all we will have to implement MEP (Multiple Exchange Projects) scenario for connecting SAP CRM with ISU & SAP ECC (For HR)

2: What all points/prerequisites am I suppose to consider for integrating HR in this scenario.

3: Also let me know, if I can find any documents for the same

Any Suggestions will be highly appreciated.





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Hi Anubhav, I´m having similar challenge to integrate SAP HR (SAP ECC) with SAP CRM (Which is already connected to a diferent SAP ECC for industry solution).

Did you have any documentation about that?  or can you exchange some information about your experience?

Thank you!