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Result functions in EDM

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The result functions in EDM have additional information types.

The Peak result function has PeakDate and PeakTime information types. I want to print the Peak Date and Peak Time on the bill printout for the Peak demand. How can I get them to be printed on the bill printout? The result parameter from RTP interface is the Peak demand.

Thanks in advance



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Have you tried to use Function Module ISU_DEMAND_N_PEAKS_DETERMINE ?

Hopefully it would be helpful to get the desire result.



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This will require you to create your own Result Function. You might try the following approach.

1) Create a Z-Function Module, which is a copy of F/M 'ISU_EDM_RESULT_0002'. The only change here will be the Exporting Parameter type should be changed to REFERENCE(Y_RESULT) TYPE PROFVALDAY.

(You can delete the Changing Parameter from the F/M).

In the code, after the macro call to convert date and time to local timezone, add the following line :

  • return peak value date

y_result = maxprofval_loc-prof_date.

2) After this is done, go to SPRO Settings->SAP Utilities->Tools->System Modifications->User Defined Enhancements for EDM->Result Functions->Define.

Here add a new entry with ZDATE and the above created Z Function Module.

3) In your RTP Interface, add an aditional Result Parameter, with the Result Function just defined.I had taken its Operand Category as Factor. You could also try specifying the UOM.

Now you should be able to use this Output Parameter in your Billing Procedure, just to display on the bill.

Do let me know how far this could help you.