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Proration of meter readings

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Dear All,

In our billing module under IS-Utilities, meter readers enter the reading

dates, and meter readings.


current input

meter reading date = 10.05.2009

meter reading = 2150 kwh

previous input

meter reading date = 10.04.2009

meter reading = 2000 kwh

bill amount = (2150 - 2000) * rate/kwh

We have a requirement whereby customers should not be billed for a period

greater than 30 days.

Even though the meter reader can read after 30 days, we need the bill

amount to be prorated for 30 days only.

Can you please advise how we can do this in SAP?

Thanks and Regards,



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Hi Malini,

You have to set the Period control = 01 To the day or 04 (for considering the move in and moveout also) in billing rate step. This will prorate as per the number of days of the billing period. also for pro-rating the meter read for 30 or any specific days you have to divide the consumption by the billing number of days then you can get per day consumption then multiply this by 30 then you can get the consumption for 30 days.

With regards,


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Hi Sunil,

Thanks for your reply. If I understand what you suggest is to change the calculation

in the billing rate step, but how will SAP know that the reading was prorated last time

and that it needs to add the remaining units for this month.

Thanks & Regards


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You need to create new MRU's for 30 days monthly schedule. If you have a periodic read on the 30th day (schedule bill date), the bill will be based on actual meter read or else estimate it on that day. the next read coming on a non periodic date say on the 35th day will sit as an interim read.


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Hi Malini,

SAP provides user exit in Billing for the determining customer specific time portions if you do not want to use the basic calculation procedure of the period control in billing. This exit is EBIA0006 and the FM EXIT_SAPLEA69_001. Check the documentation of the user exit in SMOD.