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Posting payment (FP05) resulted to Balance in Document currency is not Zero

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A customer with a payment plan has a balance of $250 as March 2009 invoice.

The customer paid $400 after getting the invoice. In posting the payment via FP05, the error message came out.

1) What is this error message?

2) How come the difference of $150 did not automatically go to Payment on Account?

3) Is there a way to automatically do that instead of manually performing post processing steps in FP05?

Balance in Document currency is not zero, posting not possible

Message no. >0003


You are attempting to post a document for which the balance is not zero in one or more currency.

System Response

During online processing:

Error message requiring a correction.

During background processing:

Error message causing processing to be terminated.


When working online:

Correct the line items entered. If the amounts entered balance to zero, and this error message still appears, there is a program error. In this case, treat the error as if it occurred during a background processing.

Background processing

Contact your system administrator.


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I am not a FICA expert, but as per my knowledge on this, the balance payment did not automatically go to Payment on account because of the config for open items in SPRO.

Please check the config for clearing control -

Path -

SPRO -> Financial Accounting -> Contract Account receivable and payable -> Basic functions -> Open Item Management -> Clearing control -> Define specification for clearing types - > Define default for incoming payment. (double click on the payment lot (05) specification)

Here in the above path, you have the option to specify the parameter for payment that cannot be allocated. (Use of payments that cannot be alloted)

Options available -

Blank No Payment on Account Posting; Post Payment to Clarif. Acct

1 Post on account if contract account can be det. uniquely

2 Post on account

Please check the above confg.

Hope this answers your question.


Rajesh Popat