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Performance issue while using BAPI_MTRREADDOC_UPLOAD

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We are using the BAPI BAPI_MTRREADDOC_UPLOAD for creating and loading meter readings. But the BAPI is showing a very low throughput when processing a bulk load. Also we are loading the meter readings for single site at a time to capture the or raise exception for which the bapi returned error. If we try to load multiple reads in a single go and any of the read fails to load we won't be able to find for which site/equipment number the issue has come as the bapi return messages are inconsistent.

Can you please suggest any other function module which can give us a good throughput?

i got some suggestions to use ISU_M_METERREAD FM, but not sure whether it will improve the performance or not.




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What is the usage scenario?  Is this a migration?  Or is this BAU?  Why are you not using ELMU and idoc processing?  Also, of course, your system resources will be the major determinant.