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MR result exist for time prior to installation.

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Hello All ,

I am unable to do the full installation.

Getting an error ' MR result exist for time prior to installation'.

I followed the below  steps -

1. Create a device .

2. Create Device Location .

3. Then create installation .

4. Then do Full Installation .

But i am not able to complete the 4th step.

Also when i check in EL37 , i am unable to delete the mr result because there

exist no mr result

Please help me in this problem.

Thanks in advance.




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Can you check EABL/EABLG for a result?

The only place I can see EL475 getting raised is in LELCIF01 & is reading for reading reason '08' (Meter reading upon technical installation) & my simulations dont care if I create a random reading for a random reason for a device for a date prior to the Full install.

Are you using TX: EG31? or doing technical & billing installs in 2 steps?

Are you possibly interacting with the dates after you enter the initial data?

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Hi Daniel ,

Thanks alot for you help.

I am using Tx. EG31 and also i check the dates , they are after the initial data dates .

Also i checked the table eabl , there are mr result for all the registers with mr status 1 and merer reading zero already there .

But i am not able to reverse those mr .

Please help me in this issue.



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what reason are they in EABLG?

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MR reason - 19

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The Delivery meter reading should not interfere with the Full Installation of a Device.

I've again just simulated this with a 19 in place prior to the Installation date.

It merely (& conveniently) promotes the delivery reading into the installation reading, before successfully installing.

however, I guess I am doing it slightly differently.

1. Create Connection Obj

2. Create associated Premise

3. Create associated Installation

4. Create device

5. Full Installation using, Con Obj, Installation, Activity Date, Device.

The device location is created at runtime on Full Installation.

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Hello Daniel ,

I think there is some wrong customizing maintained in the system i am working.

Also ,

i try to do the technical installation , there also i m getting the below error-

'Device 67, register 001: MR results exist for time prior to device inst'.

Please help me in this issue .



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does relate? Seems old but the only thing I can see at this point.

If not, best of luck, you will have to debug the error.

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Thankq Daniel.

Please let me know if you find any customizing settting related to this isse.