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ISU Rate step-calculate amount without adding to final amount

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I have a requirement where,

     price2 is used to evaluate quantity1, generating amount2.


Price2 already contains price1 + other prices.

I want to generate a line item, which gives the result of evaluating quantity1 with price1, generating amount1.

  I used quanti01, to multiply price1 & quantity1, resulting in amount1. I changed the line to 'not relevant to posting' in the billing schema. But the net amount generates (amount1) is getting added to the final amount of the billing.

I want amount1 to genrate a line item that is just used for information purposes and not for final amount calculation.

Any help will be highly appreciated.


   price1 = $ 2

   price2 = $ 3

   quantity1 = 1000

   I have line that will be posted, 3 * 1000 = 3000

   I need to generate a line for reporting and info purposes that contains 2 * 1000 = 2000.




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Hi Joshua,

I guess you have done the correct configuration but if the line item is not relevant to posting then it should not post any amount.

However I am giving you the demo rate steps for above requirement:

Quanti01 Price 1 * Quanatity 1 = Amount 1 (not relevant to posting)

Quanti 01 Price 2 * Quantity = Amount 2 (Relevant to posting)

Pleaese let me know the exact requirement if it is not working properly.