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Need to know inputs required to run the FM ISU_METER_REMOVE and ISU_METER_INSTALL

Appreciate your help.




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1st of All I need to know if you working in a Net company (Physical Devices), or on a Supplier (Device Info Record), in order to know which FM is more accurate.

Either way I do sugguet that you use the FM's:

ISU_S_WORKLIST_INSTALL_PROVIDE, to retrie installation Master data and Devices which are already installed.

Afterwards, you will need to call FM

The Actions permited by the last FM, are:

NET company

01 Full Installation

02 Full Removal

03 Replacement

06 Technical Installation

07 Technical Removal

08 Reversal of technical installation

09 Reversal of installation relevant to all data

10 Reversal of technical replacement

11 Reversal of technical installation, removal,

Supplier with DIR (logical devices)

04 Billing-Related Installation

05 Billing-Related Removal

Has you can see for DIR we can Reverse. Everythime you want to use the "reverse" action for a Device Installation, you will need to 2 steps:

1s remove the New device.

2nd re-install the Old device on the same day that it was previous removed.

I hope this helps. Please award points if info is relevant.