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Interest keys (T.Code FPI1) configuration is missing

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Hi Expertise,

I m trying to post Interest in T.code FPI1 i m getting error message

No interest accruing on contract account XXXXXXXXXX


  • All items have been cleared before the due date (no overdue items exist)
  • Interest has already been calculated on all items from the due date to clearing
  • No interest key can be determined for the items.
  • The settings maintained for the interest key do not permit the calculation of interest at the present time (for example, transfer days, tolerance days, interest frequency)
  • Interest blocks exist.

Now query with underline point - No interest key can be determined for the items

Whats' is configuration to create Interest key and where i have to assign those keys ?

Please advise.


Karthik Kovuru.


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Hi Karthik,

You have to do some basic configurations under the following nodes-

IMG--->Financial Accounting -->Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable-->Business Transactions-->Interest Calculation--->Item Interest Calculation

You have to first define an interest key and then define the interest calculation rules.

Once you have done the above configurations, then you have to assign the interest key at the Contract account master.

Then you can got the execution of Interest run, FPI1.

It may also happen that there are no open items which are due and so there is no interest calculation which is happening.

Hope it helps..



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Thanks tons of lots ...

But here after creating Interest Key as mentioned path, after that same has been assigned in Contract Account (CAA2)  as well...

Then Created Sec Deposite Req in FPSEC1 with assigning int key ..getting the below error

Account determination not possible for key XXXX  /      /03    /0020 /0020, posting area Account Assignment Data Relevant to Trans(R001)

Message no. >1003

Please correct is any setting has missed

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Hi Karthik,

You have to maintain the Account determination key in transaction code EK01 and have to assign a GL A/c account against the same.



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No items correspond to the selection criteria

Message no. >3107

This new message i received ..