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how to populate TEMKSV using BDC object in Emigall

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I need to migrate contact persons into ISU. So I created a BDC using BUA1 and it imports data fine.

BUT, I can't get the key generated to store in TEMKSV. I tried populating the Application Area with R1, Message Number with 425 (which is what I get when I save in BUA1) and message variable 1 (also tried 2, 3 & 4).

I get a short dump telling me that the return field was not found or the message variable is initial.

Can anybody point me in the right direction here? I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, and can't find anything in the docs about this specifically.




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Hi C N

Just a quick simple question to start with as I've never had to migrate a Contact Person:

Why don't you use the PARTNER object with the INIT-BU_RLTYP = 'BUP001'?



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Good question Jurgen. The short answer is that my contact persons are not actually business partners. The data I'm trying to load is c/o mailing addresses. Ah, but you say, I can load mailing addresses as just that.

So here's the long answer. My primary problem is that I need to be able to assign an address to a piece of equipment in Plant Management, so that I can send a letter in regards to the equipment. In some cases I have dozens of mailing addresses in use for a single customer.

While ISU allows me to have many addresses for a BP, the PM side uses the SD customer and I can't have multiple addresses for an SD customer. But, I can have many SD contacts related to an SD customer. So my plan is to migrate these specific mailing addresses into IS-U contact persons, relate them to my IS-U BP, use some creative magic from my APAPer to replicate them as SD contact persons related to my SD customer. Then I will be able to attach the SD contact person (and thus the mailing address) to the equipment.

It seems like a round-about solution but we haven't been able to come up with a more elegant solution.

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As it turns out, I was using the wrong message no.

I thought the message id / message no was what came up at the bottom of the screen on a save

ie: Business Partner 123456 created Message no. R1425

In which case the message id = R1 and the message no = 425.

But after some painful debugging I found that it was expecting message no 214 for t-code BUA1.

So can anybody tell me how to tell exactly what message id / number is being used on a transaction?