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How to implement user exit for transaction EL29

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Hi experts,

I'm a beginner in SAP and i have some trouble with implementing the extension EDMLELDV.

I created an extension project through transaction cmod and i wrote my custom code in EXIT_SAPLEPU1_001 and defined a breakpoint.

The thing is when i try to test it out through transaction EL29 it doesn't get to my breakpoint for some reason i ignore.

I do know that it is required to parameter the call of the customer function through transaction smod, but i'm not the one in charge of it, so i dont really know wether it was done correctly or not.

Can someone please tell me the steps to correctly parameter this, so i can get to the defined breakpoint.

Best regards.



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Dear Othman,

Once a project is created through CMOD transaction, it needs to be activated. So please check if the project is in active state, only then the user exit defined within the project will be called.

Hope that helps.



Mohammed Muzammil.

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Hi Mohammed,

My project is activated, same as the customer function where i wrote my custom code but still i'm not able to get to my defined breakpoint when i test through EL29.

I've done some research about this transaction and i read that i need to specify which customer function i'm using and the screen for it too but i don't know which transaction i'll need.

Is there anyone who can enlighten me about the steps to follow please?

Best regards.

Othman MHAID.