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FPVB issue - Dunning activity failed for some items and no errors shown

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Hi All,

Please help if you have any ideas of why this issue may occur.

We are running FPVA/FPVB for mass processing of dunning with GPART as parallelization object. The dunning step is determined by BRF using collection strategies.

Firstly we executed FPVA (Dunning proposal) on the basis of company code for all the BPs and it runs fine. The accounts reach a particular collection step as expected.

Now we select 'Dunning Activity Run' from 'Environment' tab and execute dunning activity for the proposal.

The issue is that after the Dunning activity run is completed, few accounts do not have print date populated (Dunning activity is not completed).

For example if dunning proposal was executed for 50000 accounts, say around 2000 do not have print date populated.

I have checked that there is no error in the application/job log for these accounts, there is just one similarity that the application log for the intervals (used for parallelization) which have failed accounts is incomplete. The application log was opened but not closed.

Also if we execute these accounts again in a separate dunning run by deleting the dunning proposal, the functioning is proper. Both dunning proposal and activity are completed successfully.

Thanks in advance.




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What is the problem class for the application log setting? You should use level 4 additional information so that any important messages are recorded and can be viewed.  Then what is the job log and the application log details?  Somewhere these exceptions are being recorded.



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Hey Bill,

We are already using the problem class 4.

And there are no error/warning or any significant message in application/job log.

It is just that the application log was incomplete as such the processing was left in between.



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Hi Prateek,

Is you job distribution for FPVB correct?

Has it finished all child jobs?

You ca check the messages in SLG1.

Also you can check whether any message has been suppressed (from application log) in ISU configuration.