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File check in report RFKKZE00

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Hi Experts,

In my current project we upload text file in which we provide only details of CoCd, Official Document & amount to post payment lot for partial clearing using report RFKKZE00.

Now, the users wants to have a control that a file is not processed twice.

Please let me know if you have faced a similar situation, and how have you implemented proper control to ensure that a particular file is not processed twice.




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The simplest way would be to do an implicit enhancement inside PERFORM export_printparams of report RFKKZE00.

In the enhancement a check can be created whether incoming file is aready processed or not. If the file is processed STOP statement can be used to terminate furher processing of report and i guess processed file information is sotred in table FKKZEST.

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Hi Satyajeet,

You can store the file name in the search term field (KEYZ2-DFKKZK) for each payment lot during the payment processing.

You need to develop a program, which will be called before the payment processing program, RFKKZE00 to check for the duplicate file.

Now, every time, you are processing a payment file, you can check whether it exists in the search term field or not.

If it exist, then do not process the file and exit the program with an error message.

If not, then call the program,RFKKZE00 and pass the file name in the BFKKZGR00 and BFKKZK structure.

Hope it helps...