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Event R401 not executing

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Dear Experts,

During billing i am posting some debits and credits at the same time to customer account. I want them to be cleared when i invoice them. i read posts of other people who have similar problems but after debugging i realised that system is not executing event r401 at all for some reasons.

i have made the config where we need to define clearing type and clearing category and check the acct maint indicator. table te514 and te529 also configured

Also please tell if there is any way of knowing which clearing variant is being executed at acct maint(if any)

Any help would be highly appreciated



Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Have you implemented note 983051?

I hope this is helpful.



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Thanks for the response.

I believe that the note you mentioned has not anything to do with the problem i am encountering(but i may be wrong. thats just my perspective)

i had posted a manual document in the customer account with a credit posting.

then i ran billing through which i posted some debits and some credits to consumer acct. then when i ran invoicing i was hoping

that the debits and credits of bill document would clear each other or the credit i had posted through manual doc would clear the debit items of the bill document.

but all the lines remained intact. no clearing took place. i believe that acct maint during invoicing isnt occuring even though i've made the necessary configs.

then when i debugged event r401 i realised that system isnt executing it at all!

hope this makes the situation clear for you guys

Once again thanks a lot for your response

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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So i think that your basic premise is incorrect., Event R401 is used for deposit scenarios. The scenario you describe does not meet that criteria and so R401 would not be appropriate. You need to look at your clearing variant, and in particular the variant assigned to invoicing. this assumes that you have activated account maintenance during invoicing.



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Thanks for the clarification bill.

After your response, i assigned same clearing variant to automatic clearing as the one that i had assigned to R4. Then when i ran automatic clearing i found that the items got cleared.

So it doesnt seem to be a problem of clearing variant. I feel that for some reason, acct maint is not occuring at invoicing even though ive checked the acct maint check in the 'Additional controls for inv' and ive also populated the above mentioned tables. Please suggest

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Did you make sure that you put your items to be selected in account maintenance for the right clearing type?

Check your invoice in EA40, header data, see the clearing type.

Then in customizing make sure you put your items to be selected for the same type.

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EA40 does not show anything as clearing type. What could be the reason?

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Don't know. What type of invoice are you creating and do you already have some other FM's in place in other events?

See if the clearing type is deleted somewhere for some reason.

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No i donot have any other FMs in place which might hinder the standard procedure.

I have another system on which i tried this whole scenario. In the other system when i go to ea40 and see a print doc header the clearing type is stated as periodic billing which i believe is r41.i have defined a clrng variant for both r41 and r4 in clearing specifications for invoicing node in FICA

Just to clear my understanding can you please tell me that when we refer to acct maint at invcng are we referring to debits and credits of a single document clearing with each other or debits of a billing document clearing with credits already present in a cont acct(or both of these)

Thanks for your patience and responses!

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Account maintenance in invoicing clears any debits and credits with the invoice. So the invoice clears the open receivables and payables selected for account maintenance. See [here|]

The alternative is just showing the other open items on the invoice and not clearing them (adding sub items to the bill for info). See [here|]

But if you want to do this in invoicing you should maintain this in Customzing: SAP Utilities - Invoicing - Invoice Processing - Item Selection in Invoicing.

Check your settings and try again in the system where your invoice does have a clearing type.

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Dear Experts,

I have been debugging ISU_INV_ACC_MAINTENANCE but I still havenu2019t achieved what I wanted to do so I tried a few different scenarios. Please let me know if it is supposed to work the way I want it to. Please assume that the necessary configs have been done

Scenario 1

- I billed a consumer using periodic billing. The schema was such that two debit items were posted of say Rs 100 and a credit item was posted for say Rs 100. So in effect the receivables are 100.

- I ran invoicing

- Using fpl9 when I see consumer balance it shows three line items. Two for the debit receivable and one for the credit.

- Desired result was that during invoicing, the system would run something like automatic clearing and would clear one of the debit with the credit(as per clearing rules). However this did NOT happen

Scenario 2

- I posted a downpayment request for some consumer of Rs 100(Downpayment has clearing restriction 😎

- Customer paid Rs 100.

- I billed the consumer using periodic billing. The schema was such that two debit items were posted of say Rs 100 and a credit item was posted for say Rs 100. So in effect the receivables are 0 because we already have received a downpayment of 100.

- Desired result was that the credit posted during billing would clear with one of the debits of the bill and the downpayment would clear against the other debit posted during billing(as per clearing rules). However, no clearing took place and all documents are intact

These are the comfigs I have made

i) Acct maint has been set to active against the clearing type in u2018additional controls for invu2019

ii) Table TE514 maintained with mains and subs and clearing categ and clearing type

iii) Clearing variant assigned to R41 and R4 in FI-CA

iv) Invoicing document shows clearing type R41 in ea40

Please suggest if this isnu2019t the way the system is supposed to behave

Would really appreciate. Feel free to ask if any confusions

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Problem solved.

Thanks guys !