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Equipment no

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What is the relation ship bweten Equipment no and logical device number?

I have seen some equipment donu2019t have any logical numbers but equipment having valid date 31.12.9999

Could anyone please give some inputs?




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Hi Sreenu,

Equipment is PM component No whenever you create a device in IS-U DM module automatically in background Equipment in PM created, When your Installing this device/ Eqipment system generate logical device No , which is MAPPED in ESTL table.


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Thanks Rajuu2026

*Eqp no Valid to Valid from Log. dev. no. Install. date Removal *

29008803 11.06.2008 15.07.1993 784799 15.07.1993 00.00.0000

29008803 31.12.9999 12.06.2008 000000 15.07.1993 12.06.2008

Can you please explain us with a list of reasons why the device may not have a logical device number?

If the device does not have a logical device number, is the device classed as unoccupied?



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Hi Sreenu,

Your Correct, When your Technically Install the device system automatically generate the logical device no.

When you create the Device IQ01, check the status , it is AVAL, when you install the same the status automatically changed to ESTO / INST, at this movement the logical device no generates.


Jamparaju Nammi