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EGERR table update

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I am working with Device Info Records (EG44 Transaction) and I have got the below issue. Can someone please provide some help on this?


1.I have installed the Device Info Record to Installation say from 01.01.2014.

2. Now I have received a request where I have to modify the Register Group for DIR from 15.12.2014 and configuration needs to be changed from Real Time Pricing Device to Non Real Time Pricing Device.

3. So, when I try to perform DIR modification by EG41, it gives me the error "Rate data is no longer consistent".

4 If I try to change the Rate Data first EG70, it doesn't allow me to change the Rate Type as the device still belongs to Real Time Pricing; So Non Real time pricing Rate Type is not allowed.

So till the time the Device Info Record is installed, I cannot change either of the values (Rate Type & Interval Length on Register).

Then I thought of Process as

1. Remove DIR

2. Amend DIR with new value of Register Group

3. Re-Install DIR with New Rate Type

But the problem is once I remove the DIR, it does not open in EG41 as editable. There is an error message "Device is not valid from 15.12.2014 to 15.12.2014 (Message EG065)".

In Short, both the approaches are not working for me right now. Can you please help me with your thoughts, how to handle such situation?




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Hi Rishi,

First if you want a different rate type then hopefully you have the rate determination properly setup.(asking cause the new rate type should be shown in F4 help)

Second in EG41 when you get that error, click on the 'Goto' button in the menu bar and then select Rate Data. It should open in change mode and you can go ahead with the changes.

Hope this helps.



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Hi Rakesh,

Thanks for your inputs.

Yes, the Rate Determination is configured properly and using transaction I am able to change the details.

But, I want to do the same in my program. I have tried to use the FM: ISU_S_DEVICEMOD_CHANGE & ISU_S_DEVICERATE_CHANGE to update the Register Group and Rate Data respectively.



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Don't edit the Device Info Record, modify it from a key date.

Transaction: EG42. Enter Device Info Record, Key Date & select Prorate.

Hit enter.

Make the changes you need to, readings etc, dont hit save yet.

in the text menus at top of TX, select GOTO, choose 'Rate Data' (note, you may be prompted with a popup for the technical attributes of the registers depending on the changes you have made, save through)

you will now be in the 'change rate data' screen.

make the rate changes required to rate types or whatever.

back out

save all the things.


EDIT: totally didn't read the thread correctly. I see you already got told the functional solution.

maybe use something like:

call function 'ISU_S_DEVICEMOD_CHANGE'


         x_equnr     = <WA>-equnr

         x_keydate   = <WA>-evdate

         x_wmode     = '2'

         x_no_dialog = abap_true

         x_auto      = ls_auto.

from recollection x_auto has a structure of form REG42_ZW_INPUT_FLAG & REG42_ZW_INPUT which you will need to fill with the fields you are modifying

TX: EMIGALL for Migration Object DEVICEMOD is useful for testing the required data to automate these types of functions.