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EEDM01: Change profile values when contract ends / RTP

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Hi experts,

the problem:

- In Germany the day for gas division starts at 06:00:00 a.m and ends the following day at 05:59:59 a.m.

- we use RTP for invoicing

- the contract ends for example on 13th of April at 23:59:59 as the Offset for gas is no issue in contracting

Now, I can't change the values beacause of missing rights with TAC EEDM01 for the slot 00:00:00 to 05:59:59 on the 14th of April, but I need the values to do the RTP-Billing.

When I send  values for example from 01st ogf April to 13th including the values for the 14th, the IDoc is booked but there is no error message an the values are not booked to the profile.

Zane Khane already answerd to a similar problem:

Has someone an idea to solve this problem?

thanks in advance,



Former Member
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Hi Peter,

A good start up front would be to:

Check tcode EDM1 for the import document relevant to that IDoc. There is a specific IDoc search mechanism in the screen. So enter the processing date/time range with the IDoc number and it should pop up.

- From there, check the status of the import document row. I would suspect it would be either TE or Term if it did not import correctly. You can actually drill down to the IDoc from this screen from memory.

- After that, it would be worth checking SLG1 to see what messages were logged during processing. If you can find the message, I would be able to tell you how to action it.