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CRB Integration: CRM-ISU

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Since there seem to be a new post every day for basic setup of ISU integration with CRM, here is one thread which provides links to the documents in the service marketplace and elsewhere.

Most of these documents are directly available at the Utilities page on the Service Marketplace

Choose 'SAP for Utilities - Product Information' then 'SAP CRM for Utilities' and lastly click on 'Cookbooks & Guidelines' as shown below

New 12-15-2013

CRM for Utilities Overview

New 03-27-2013

WebClient UI Style Guidelines - great resource for understnading how to develop user interfaces in ICWC

New 06-14-2012

Best Practices - Setting Up a Best Run Interaction Center with SAP for Utilities

New - 05-14-2013

The Utilities Check Cockpit

This link only works for internal SAP folks, sorry.    

Here is link for the help for the check cockpit. Utilities Check Cockpit - Functions for the Utilities Industry - SAP Library

New - 11-14-2011

Link: [Defining Products and Packages|]

Link: [Selling products and packages|]

Link: [Products and Product Packages|]

Link: [Error handling with replication of contracts and TMD|]

Link: [Using ISU Master Data Templates|]

Link: [ISU Setup Load Guide for Business Agreements/Contract Accounts|]

Link: [ISU Setup Load Guide for BP relationships|]

Link: [ISU specific Business Partner Load Setup|]

Link: [ISU-CRM Contract Integration - Contract Management|]

Link: [ISU-CRM Marketing Integration|]

Link: [Master Agreements in Sales Processing for C&I|]

Link: [Quotation Calculation in Sales Processing for C&I

Link: [Replication of BP Contacts to CRM Activities, Interaction Records|]

Link: [Replication of Technical Objects - Connection Object, Premise, Point of Delivery|]

Link: [Archiving ISU/CRM Objects|]

Link: [Utilities Process Framework|]

Link: [Replication of ISU Price data

Link: [Usage of ISU Consumption Profiles|]

Link: [SAP Help - CRM with SAP for Utilities|]

Link: [Performance of Initial Download from ERP into CRM for ISU|]


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Thank you

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Thanks William for the Valuable Link

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Some new documents have been added to the CRM-ISU sticky thread. Especially notable is the first document, CRM Utilities Overview 2011.



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Hey Bill, thanks for the links.  Question - is the Utilities Check Cockpit available externally?  I try the link but receive an authorization issue using my new S-id

I am trying the following link:



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Looking into it...

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So the link refers to an RKT document.  Might not get that released for all users.  I am going to update with a link to the help for the UCC.

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Thanks Bill - your assistance is very appreciated.