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Clearing Function module

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Hello All,

Is there any FM or Badi available for clearing specific line items, where we can either specify the document numbers and clear the two charges or the main and sub transactions. This will be a separate activity other than the normal clearing which happens automatically through FPMA.

I need to create a debit item against which i have to clear that item with specified document numbers.

Please let me know.




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Hi Charvi

The function FKK_CREATE_DOC_AND_CLEAR should cover your requirement



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Hi Charvi,

This is achievable and there are different ways of doing it.

In FPMA, the mass process uses clearing rule based on clearing type of auto-clearing and clearing category at contract account.

So, you can write your own clearing steps in the clearing rule which will be executed from FPMA.

Please let me know if you want to have your own custom clearing rule to clear debits and credits with specific MAIN and SUB transactions.

In past I have been able to achieve this requirement, so I'll be able to assist you here.