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Cancel/Rebill charges originated in Legacy

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I wanted to see if there's any better way(s) than the below given approach for handling cancel/rebill charges that were originated in legacy. The process we have is something like this:

Step a) Analyze the billing history; access the legacy billing system to determine the earliest date that the cancel re-bill will be completed back to.

Step b) In SAP reverse any bills that have been generated in SAP. Change the move-in date back to the start date of the oldest incorrect bill from the legacy system. If the source of the error was an incorrect meter-reading result, the corrected read will be entered on the new move-in date. The account would then be re-billed in SAP

Step c) Use the bill simulation transaction (EA00, EASISI) to create simulated billing documents for the periods already billed in legacy. Note the simulated billing document number.

Step d) u2018Create Manual Billu2019, entering the simulated bill as a template and choosing the Reverse checkbox.

Step e) The account will then be re-billed forward in SAP from the revised move-in date.

Please share if you there's a better way of handling cancel/rebill charges that were originated in legacy.




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You can use also the EBF - Easy Bill Correction Framework

/thread/1635590 [original link is broken]


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Step A would definitely be required if the billing history is not stored in SAP. Steps B and C are not required but depend on your requirements and the individual situation. If the adjustment is only a price/quantity one, then Step D is the only necessary one to generate some new amounts. Steps B and C might only be required if the situation requires date changes or customer changes.

Vlado is correct that EBF enables a customer to execute corrections in SAP for charges billed in legacy and migrated into the bill history object.