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BIlling procedures

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Hi experts,

Can anybody explain me with example what the diference is between Billing procedure and Budget billing procedure in IS-U ?

I have read lot on the forum and on the net but IT's not really clear for me.

Thanks in advance,



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I will try to explain in short and simple.

Billing procedure means billing a customer based on his consumption based on the billing term like monthly, quarterly , six monthly or annually. The taxes are added in the invoice.

Budget billing gives an facility to the business partner to pay the bills in installments.

Like a budget billing plan can have 12 terms for 12 months, or 4 terms for every quarter, the business partner pays as per this term and at the end of year there will be a final bill, in which plus/minus of payments are considered.

I hope this will help you to understand the concept.



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Thank you sachin, it's more clear now for me.

What is then the difference between: statistical posting or debit entry in the budget billing procedure ?

What is the impact on FI-CA

Thanks a lot


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Have a look at the SAP Help for Budget Billing:

Hopefully it helps clarify.


Ivor M.