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Billing for Interval reads

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Hi Experts,

Can anyone give me some help me with this concept :

"Billing of interval meter reading data on real time pricing or TOU rates based on interval data from EDM "




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Hi Dan

Billing of interval meter is a special type of billing within the SAP IS-U.

You can take a profile (consumption of each 30 minutes stored in a so called EDM profile) and bill it according to your needs.

For example our of a profile you can get off-peak and on-peak consumption using Time Of Use (TOU) by defining an appropriate RTP component.

There are a lots to be covered for this topic.

I recommend you the following courses: IUT225, IUT230, IUT235.

I've put together an SAP IS-U billing workshop where you can get familiar with RTP Billing.

Details here:


Daniel Toba

SAP IS-U Yahoo Group

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got IUT's