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Billing Factor and Conversion Factor..

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Hi All,

While understanding meter reading estimation, I found two factors that are being used - Billing Factor and Conversion Factor. Please could anyone let me know where these billing factor and conversion factors are stored. I understand that the Register factor is maintained at the register level. I would like to know where the billing factor and the conversion factor get stored and how are they set per business rules of the industry.

Thanks in advance,



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During the calculation of the consumption from the registers are taken into account following factors:

o A factor that results from a dimension conversion

o A register factor

o A billing factor (for transformers)

o The volume correction factor of a gas

o The calorific value for a gas

You can find this values in the billing document information table ERCHU - Conversion Steps per Billing Line Item.


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Hi Valdo,

Thanks for your reponse. I am trying to understand how estimations work for gas billing. Based on SAP documents on SAP it doesnt seem to be relevant for the gas industry. We are mainly concerned with using Temprature details into SAP.

If suppose we need to estimate Meter reading results from March 15th to March 31st, we need to get the readings from March 15th to 31st of previous year and factor in the temprature of the current year and arrive at an estimated read.

We want to come up with the unbilled revenue for the current month based on estimating meter readings for each installation from the date of last read to end of the month. Any more insights or documents on these procedures would be of great help.

thanks again,


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I am confused by your statements. Estimation works for all utility service scenarios, like electric, gas, water, etc. The differences are in the billing rules, the measurement details, and some conversion information. You also define the period details for estimation - do you use the previous period or the same period previous year. The unbilled scenario you describe is executed the same for any service type. The readings are checked, the estimation rules are evaluated and then an estimated reading is determined. The conversion factor and billing factor could be independent of the estimation logic which determines the reading. But that reading, based upon the device details, could be multiplied to determine a billing quantity. It might also be converted from the unit of measure for the reading to the unit of measure for billing eg. ccf > mcf.

You should be able to find documentation on unbilled calculations, as well as estimation.