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Billing Date is not being Updated in FICA Tables

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Hello Experts,

I have tried to include TDLR charges in ECS incentive calculations. As code is picking parameters from DFKKOP Table (FICA Table) using Main and Sub Transaction. We have found that this charge is not being updated in any Fica Tables. I have also verified that all the tables with respect to Billing contains TDLR Charges. it is not updated in all FICA tables.       

Experts kindly suggest us to how to resolve this issue.   


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Hi Sohail,

The charges that you are talking about-is it coming from the Billing schema or you have made some enhancements in Invoicing events to post these charge.

If it is coming from Billing schema, it will not be appearing as a separate line-item in DFKKOP, instead it will get clubbed with the other charges and  appear as a single line in DFKKOP.

However, if the charges are being posted through enhancements in Invoicing events, it will appear as a separate line-item in DFKKOP.

Hope it helps...