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Automatic Creation of Scheduled Master Record for Scheduled Master Data

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Hi experts,

We know that MRU and Portion are Scheduled master data but Scheduled master record is transactional data. So it is obvious that we have to generate scheduled master record in every server wher we transport the master data manually. And we can generate records for a particular time span and after that time we have to generate the records again.

All I want to know that whether it is possible to get all the records generated automatically after certain period.




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Scheduled records do NOT get created automatically , altleast not by any sort of configuration, in case you are looking for it.

Your can always create custom program to do so, but it isn't worth the effort.

You can create records for upto 7yrs ( do need to check but definitely for a period long enough)

Hope that helps!!!

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Hi Vikrant,

Thanks for quick response. Generation of records for 7 years will only create burden to the database. So I would like to go for 1-2 yrs at a time. But very dissaponited bout dis fact that SAP has not incorporated this scenario.

- Arghya