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Australia Invoicing Specific functions - Concession

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Does anybody knows a how to guide to implement this kind of feature? A configuration guide or something to start from?



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You can search for it on the link gien below:

May be this link help you in getting some info of the topic.



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No, i didn't find anything. Maybe you know how hard it is. If there are any special requirements to do that.

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Hi Gabriel,

I studied the standard SAP concession functionality but I can't remember the reason why I didn't implemented. However, since you are from Romania too, I think you are trying to implement the concession for the so called "ajutoare" - state financial help for people earning low income. I implemented this process using the following steps:

- created a rate in Billing which calculates the state financial help amount by using a installation fact where the amount is stored. the rate creates a line item which is non posting relevant.

- implemented FICA event R402 which reads the non posting relevant lines coming from billing and creates an new FI-CA document (a credit memo) which is attached to the invoice as a new line itme (NEWDOC)

Hope this helps.


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Hi Daniel,

of course, you are right. It's for that kind of project. We want to improve the business flow.

Thank you for your following up steps.

Edited by: Popa Gabriel on Jul 20, 2009 8:50 AM

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Does anybody have some docs about how to implement concession?