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Address overwrite on Disbursement document during FPY1 run

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Hi All,

We got a typical requirement where we need to overwrite the Address details that are being derived by FPY1 transaction with details that we received in a file.

When the FPY1 ran it retrieves current active address at the contract account level and generates the disbursement document which will be stored in underlying tables like DPAYH and DPAYP. At the time of FPY1 run I need to change the system derived address details to the address details that I received in a file.

Is there any way or any FQEVENT that can be used to replace the address details?

Appreciate if any body help me out with this.




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Hi Veera,

I dont think that during the processing of FPY1 run, the system is able to read a file and update the DPAYH and DPAYP tables.

You need to upload the file containing the addresses in some custom table in SAP against some unique SAP object like Contract account before the processing of FPY1.

The structure of the custom table should be the same as it is in PAYH and PAYP structure for storing the addresses.

Now during the processing of FPY1, events 630 and 640 gets triggerred.

In these events, you can store information on the payment that is to be output on the payment medium, but which is not automatically recorded by the payment program, in the enhancements to the payment tables.

Event 630 pertains to table DPAYH, where as Event 640 pertains to table DPAYP.

You need to write a custom code which will replace the address in the tables with that in the file in these events to meet your requirements.

Hope it helps....



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Thank you Amlan...

Reading the new address details is not an issue and I am already storing them in a custom table.

Does 630 event will be useful to overwrite the data during FPY1? the I_PAYH is an importing parameter for the 630 event function module. I don't think so it is possible to use 630/640 events in this situation.

Please correct me if I am wrong and let me know your thoughts.