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Since the very early days of smart metering SAP started an ambitious development programme to secure that the requirements and impact of smart meter technology could be accomodated by the extensive set of processes covered in the SAP for Utilities Business Suite.

The ideas and concepts behind smart meters have evolved as it did the SAP AMI Integration solution under which comprehensive smart metering related enhancements have been delivered from the very beginning with Enhancement Package 4 up to the present development roadmap.

Key topics in focus in this workshop are:

1. Alternatives for Reference Architectures
2. The SAP MDUS Concept
3. Master Data Model and Enhancements
4. Integration Concepts and Data Volumes
5. Meter Asset LifeCycle and Commissioning
6. Communication of Meter Readings
7. Processing of Events
8. Disconnection/Reconnection
9. Energy Settlement on SAP HANA
10. Support of Critical Peak Pricing and Demand Response
11. Architectures for Liberalized Energy Markets
12. Smart meter planning and roll-out

Do not miss the opportunity of discussing with your industry peers facilitated by the SAP experts your individual smart metering requirements, gain from the experience of many projects globally and learn on the roll-out strategies that can be followed for your individual company situation and respective regulatory environment.

Come to Workshop 3 "SAP AMI Integration for Utlities" on April, 13 from 10:00 - 13:30 at the International Utilities Conference in Berlin.

I am looking forward to meeting you in Berlin