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It is hard to believe that nearly a decade has passed since our first Women in Utilities Event. The unity and strength of the women in this amazing industry have kept this humble, yet significant event going strong.  Founded in 2006 as an SAP event, over the years has it has been adopted by others at Industry conference, partner events and social media forums.

The Digital Utility movement is fueling change as we as an Industry - respond to new market conditions, react to new regulatory requirements, reshape our customer’s experience and reimagine our use of technology.  At the helm, leading these changes, are today’s “Women in Utilities”. 

We as Women have a lot to celebrate, we are mothers, daughters, sisters and wives. We are also amazing leaders and agents of change and proud to be part of one of the most vital industries making a significant impact.  It is this continued sense of purpose and our desire and passion to do more that keeps our Women in Utilities event going strong. 

Over the years we have had speakers like Diane Fanelli, SAP’s D&T COO; Kathy-Sanders, Accenture; Fawn Gerber, Best Selling Author; Nadia Bilchik, CNN on-air team and Jen Morgan – President SAP America. Our forum continues to attract our industries brightest colleagues and sponsors all with the same goal of fostering collaboration, networking and keeping the Women in Utilities experience.

Please join me at this year’s Women in Utilities and keep the passion and tradition alive. Our 2015 Women in Utilities event will take place on Sunday, September 13th at Huntington Beach California during our SAP for Utilities 2015 conference.

SAP for Utilities 2015 in September