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I'm leading the Cloud for Utilities strategy within the development organization together with my colleagues from the Industry Business Unit Utilities. In this role I work closely together with leading utilities to discuss what a future, innovative utilities solution in a SaaS-like offering has to cover. Take a look at the following slide to see how the re-definition of the energy market transforms the IT of utility companies and what role the cloud plays in this transformation.

When I'm in contact with customers and partners regarding cloud for utilities, I quickly find out that there are different perceptions and interpretations of cloud and specifically for cloud for utilities. It's important for me to identify whether the interest and focus is about IT-specifics. he following IT aspects are important for our customers and partners:

  • How is the definition of Cloud - SaaS or PaaS and more?

  • What is the possibilitiy of extensions or how can I bring my own IP into the solution?

  • How can I integrate different products and services?

The business needs for energy retailers are the following:

  • What are the challenges for product experts today and what can they expect from a simplified product modeling solution?

  • Is Customer Service in future moving from manual to automatic processing due to digitalization and how will this change the way service agents use our solution?

  • Would a customer with a smart meter who is billed monthly, still require a budget billing plan due to flatten payments in case of consumption peaks, and if yes, how would this impact financials?

These and more thoughts are important to consider when talking about SAP's Cloud for Utilities strategy. Because having mind that you, as a utility company or partner, have your own specific processes and system landscape, there is always the need to adjust our strategy and roadmaps to your situation.

We will offer a Cloud for Utilities Workshop running on April 17th at the International Utilities Conference 2018 in Lisbon. This workshop will focus on both gaining IT knowledge in the morning session and deep dive in utility specifics in the afternoon session.
I will give you insights in our current cloud portfolio for utilties. Additionally, we will share experiences from customer projects and you will have opportunity to ask questions, which should give you the confidence to explain our Cloud for Utilities strategy to your business partners.


Looking forward to meeting you in person.
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