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The Internet of Things is one of these topics that are discussed everywhere these days. But what does it actually mean for utility companies? And is it really something new? Utilities analyze data from “the edge” – from grid sensors and smart meters – already for many years. In fact, the smart grid could be called the first Internet of Things ever. What has however changed – and the change is still going on – is the number of devices, that deliver more and more granular data. This data offers new opportunities and enable insights about asset health, grid load as well as consumer behavior, just to mention some of the examples that have challenged many utilities by now.

But the data alone is not enough; utilities need to clean the data, process it and bring it into meaningful context with data from ERP systems, social media or the electricity exchange. SAP supports this journey with advanced technology like the HANA Cloud Platform, predictive analytic tools and cloud solutions. And to really paint the whole picture from the sensors at the edge to neural network algorithms at the very core, SAP is working closely with many partners who contribute their IoT expertise.

During the Internet of Things track at the 2016 International SAP Conference for Utilities in The Hague we therefore discuss

  • The Relevance of the Internet of Things for Utilities
  • SAP’s IoT strategy for Utilities
  • Current as well as planned IoT solutions
  • SAP’s collaboration with partners like Siemens, Accenture and OSIsoft to provide comprehensive IoT solutions

We hope you join us at the Internet of Things track in The Hague

Gero Bieser & Holger Schweinfurth

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