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Hello everybody:

Your Utilities community coordinators Florian and Juergen would like to share an update on the latest news regarding SAP Customer Experience for Utilities and our SAP C/4HANA Utilities portfolio.

Coming home after two major conferences back-to-back in Barcelona and San Antonio, it’s now time to reflect and share what we learned from our customers and partners during these two weeks in October.

Did you attend as well? If you did we would love to get your feedback, observations, learning.
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First up, the
SAP Customer Experience Live conference in Barcelona,
Spain from October 10 and 11

Click here for the recap of the SAP for Utilities Conference in San Antonio.

With the skies opening up over Barcelona, flooding streets as well as the conference center, we stayed the course nonetheless (!) at the premiere SAP conference focused on SAP Customer Experience.

Luckily, the crews were quick enough mopping up the water in the conference center.

SAP Customer Experience Live is overall a cross-industry event but features an industry “village” and our industry showcases, amongst them the “Connected Home” showcasing our capabilities and innovative use cases for the Utilities customer experience.

In our second outing, the first was in 2017, we saw a slight increase in attendance with about 50 utilities attendees representing about 20 different companies. Participation ranged from larger utilities such as British Centrica to smaller companies including Vitens, a smaller water utility in the Netherlands.

For our first C/4HANA Utilities in-person Community event held on the day before the show we had nine registrants. And look, we had food and drink as well ? where we came together with the other industry communities at the end of the day.

Now to the content:

For a general summary, you can head over to event main page.
To access replays of keynotes and all other content, head here. (also contains premium content).

Sessions of interest for our Utilities oriented attendees included:

  • A keynote featured Italian utility Sorgenia using Callidus. Watch replay here (premium content)

  • A breakout session from cc Energie, a Swiss IT service provider for utilities operating the SAP C/4HANA suite to provide Call Center and other utilities specific solutions.

On the SAP side of the house, Florian and I gave two presentations:

  1. “Be Ready to Sell Everything Everywhere with SAP Commerce, Utilities Accelerator" .  A presentation focused on expanding revenue streams to include non-traditional energy related products and services.  You can review that presentation here.

  2. “Prepare Utility Companies for the Future with SAP C/4HANA”
    Update on the SAP C/4HANA roadmap for Utilities.  Planned functionality enhancements include the addition of utilities specific marketing attributes, utilities processes in our Commerce Cloud and more.  You can review the complete roadmap here.

In addition to the sessions, we had interesting conversations in our Utilities expert space and Connected Home showcase, with many of the conversations centering around the “what and why” of the SAP C/4HANA suite for Utilities.
Closely related, we met partners and customers trying to understand the opportunity and associated benefits of deploying the full suite of Customer experience solutions from a single vendor – well from the only capable vendor in the market we would like to say!

Throughout the event, we learned the importance of seeing being better than only hearing. For example, how SAP Commerce Utilities Accelerator works together with SAP Self Service Accelerator by SEW to deliver a holistic transactional online experience.

Utilities Homepage featuring the Utilties Storefront:


Customer shopping for solar incl. additional products and services:


Customer managing her utility services, solar installation, smart thermostat, electric vehicle charging and other services from one dashboard:


Also, we showed how the call center agent can use an AI chatbot, and how easy it is for a customer to order service for a broken appliance as part of their warranty they bought from the utility company.

That’s it!

Greetings from the “Barcelona Brothers” Florian and Juergen complete with sunglasses we “borrowed” from a partner booth ?

It was at the end of the last day and nobody wanted those anymore, we think!