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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Dear Utilities Community,

This year our International SAP Conference for Utilities will be held together with the International SAP Conference for Energy from 18-20 April in Basel, Switzerland.

We are planning our exhibition alongside many exciting talks from our customers, partners and inspiring people.  This is a a great opportunity to get inspiration for change to listen what your peers are doing and what SAP our partners has to offer.

However, if you have specific questions and want to get individual advice and insights in our solutions, our SAP booth is a good place to come to get in touch with SAP experts.

At last year's conference in Munich, we started showing solution demos and the interest was overwhelming. That was the reason why we do this again this year and the good news is that we have even more solutions to present to you and we are so excited to show it to you 📺.

Here is an extract of the solution demos we will show at our conference in Basel:

Asset Management & Supply Chain

  • Integration of LNG to existing Gas Networks: Get insights how the integration of LNG to existing Gas Networks can be implemented with SAP and PROLOGA solutions

  • SAP Asset Performance Management (APM):  Get a demonstration on how SAP APM supports you to select and design asset management strategies that best-fit your business while AI and an advanced rules engine notify you of anomalies and update health score real time. Watch the video about SAP APM

  • Scheduling / Mobile Service and Asset Management: This demo shows the real time integration of SAP S/4HANA, SAP Field Service Management (FSM) and SAP FSM Mobile to execute end-to end business process of plant maintenance order

  • SAP Field Service Management for Utilities: The SAP Field Service Management solution empowers technicians to boost customer satisfaction with mobile tools, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and the Internet of Things. Watch this video

  • SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management (EHS): This solution helps you to operated safely by proactively identifying, analyzing, and mitigation risks. Read more about SAP EHS

Customer Experience

  • SAP Service Cloud Version 2: Numerous trends are pushing utilities companies to adopt more customer-centric approaches and provide seamless and personalized service. Experience the SAP Service Cloud Utilities add-on to learn how you can orchestrate utilities processes directly from SAP Service Cloud​. Watch the video

  • Live Contract with SAP Service Cloud and Syncpilot: Live Contract enables the realignment of core processes in sales from the customers perspective. Platform-based consulting, interactive document sharing and fulfillment, case closure with electronic signature. Fully integrated in your existing SAP solutions, it can be used on any web-enabled device. Watch the video 

  • Digital Customer Self-Service and Engagement

  • Digital Selling of Products and Services

  • SAP Emarsys for Utilities

  • Customer Service processes in the Customer Engagement

Energy & Markets:

  • SAP Cloud for Energy: Get to know SAP Cloud for Energy, the platform for the complete metering data lifecycle management. Check out these videos Operational Monitoring, Solve Issues, Device Master Data, Configuration

  • Running EnergyCommunity by Exnaton: The EnergyCommunity for SAP for Utilities is an innovative platform designed to help utilities companies calculate the energy exchange between prosumers using real-time data for more accurate billing and invoicing. Watch the video and try it for free

SAP S/4HANA Utilities / SAP Utilities Core

  • SAP Utilities Core: Meter to Cash and New Connection Process: SAP Utilities Core is our  solution offering addressing the core Utilities industry meter-to-cash process including customer service and market process management. Read more here 

  • SAP Utilities Core foundation, measurement concept management component (MCM):  Prosumers are growing in the energy space as more customers generate their own power from distributed energy resources, mostly accomplished through rooftop solar panels and electric vehicles. Today’s electric grid is blurring the lines between power generation and consumption. The aim of this demo is to create billing relevant technical master data for energy consumption for a particular customer (new connection) and then create additional master data for a transition to a prosumer scenario. The demo is build using SAP Measurement Concept Management and SAP Utilities Core.

  • Management of deregulated processes: Explore the various market communication processes such as change of supplier, grid usage fee processing and see how the interaction between the different market participants looks like

  • Machine Learning for implausible meter readings and outsorted billing documents: 

  • SAP FIORI Apps Billing and Meter Reading: See the new user experience for dedicated metering and billing roles and the possibilities to branch from KPI-bar charts through list views into a detailed single customer case

  • Analytics, Billing and Meter Reading: Learn how to easily configure your own individualized report based standard analytical scenarios in SAP S/4HANA Utilities


  • Intelligent Water Management Platform: Transform your company into a Data Driven Organization by implementing new and innovative business scenarios. The following demos contain information and use cases:

    • Smart Water Platform use case for smart metering consumption data and alert handling:  SAP Cloud for Energy, SAP Predictive Asset Insights, SAP Analytics Cloud. Get insights on this platform watching this video

    • Smart Water Platform use cases for  Water leakage and remote water quality analysis: Watch the video to get more insights

    • Smart Water Platform architecture insights: Discover how SAP Business Technology Platform BTP is leveraged to support the needs of water and waste water services companies.

  • SAP Utilities Core for Water: Reduce architecture complexity and gain operational efficiency moving into a single  Meter to cash for Water platform in SAP S/4HANA. Get some insights watching this video

More Demos on Reporting, Process Transformation and E-Mobility:

  • Digital Boardroom for Utilities: Gain insights into how advanced analytics and predictive processes can help utilities companies use leading-edge tools to reduce the impact of service interruptions and improve customer experience. Watch the video

  • SAP E-Mobility: Billing & operations of EV charging services with SAP: Build, run, and manage electric vehicle charging networks with integration into end-to-end billing processes on one platform. Get more details

  • SAP Signavio:

    • SAP S/4HANA Transformation with SAP Signavio for Utilities
      SAP Signavio Sustainability for the Energy Sector, get information on our website

Innovation Showcases

  • Metaverse Immersive experience

  • Lego for SAP Asset Intelligence Network

  • E-Mobility

Read the blog post from my colleague ajay.sharma24 about the innovation showcases of Metaverse, Sustainability, and Lego SAP Asset Intelligence Network and the demos of the Oil & Gas industry.


We have also a sustainability Corner in our exhibition where we will present the following solutions:

  • SAP Sustainability Control Tower: the tool for a holistic steering and reporting which helps you t improve ESG transparency and sustainable business performance. Get more details

  • GreenToken by SAP: The provides transparency to any raw material facts you wish to trace, such as commodity origin, child labor free or recycled/sustainable status, and much more. Read James Veal blog post who will be onsite to demo you this innovative solution.

I am especially looking forward to our tree campaign. My colleague started a collaboration with a Colombian school on his sabbatical. Now they are working together on projects to bring about the energy transition and reforest the forest in Colombia. You are also very welcome to join, it is already available.

At the conference, you can either request for a demo in the app or simply come to our SAP booth. There is more to explore besides the demos. For example, you can sign up for our newsletter and talk to us about your needs and interests. If we cannot help you, we will connect you with an expert who can help you.

Come and join us, it'll be great!!!


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