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Allen is a power operations center inspector. Regardless of the weather, a typhoon, heavy rain, burning sun or severe winter, every day he takes a thick document to go to hospitals, factories, schools, shopping malls, residential areas to record important equipment data at the end of each month, Allen collects one month of data to provide to a data handler to make the monthly report, and archive it to a document library which already have the mountains of documents.

This is a heavy snowy day. The operation and maintenance center has received another complaint about a factory's recent unstable power supply. This month, it has received dozens of complaints about power problems. Manager Brown can only assign Allen to check the problems of the power distribution room in such bad weather. If Allen cannot solve the problems on site, he can only copy back some measured data and let the engineer and the leader discuss the fault cause. At present, such a situation is common in the power industry, which is also a pain point in the traditional industry.

This is only one small story of energy management. According to statistics, in 2020 China's energy Internet market will be more than $940 billion and accounts for approximately 7% of GDP. Distributed energy management systems with IoT, Internet, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence as core technologies, will play a major role. It will also reflect great value in sustainable development, reducing energy consumption, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Companies like Yarlungsoft are currently developing an energy management platform. Realizing real-time monitoring of transformer room and the user's electricity situation, the energy consumption of different cables, provides automatic report system, data monitoring system, etc., the leadership of the management become real-time, highly effective, active, accurate, also greatly improve the efficiency of the inspector.

To learn more, come visit SAP and Yarlungsoft at the Smart Cities World Congress booth C349 in Barcelona November 13-15, 2018.