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This is a recap from the SAP for Utilities conference last week in San Antonio

It's great to see the conference used the research from the round table sessions earlier this year.  Front office was in the top 10 topics requested.

Source: SAP

The legal disclaimer applies that things in the future are subject to change.

Is CRM changing? Yes, where is it coming from? Utilities

Meter to Cash solution

Some run CRM some do not

10 years ago - CRM was at its peak

Source: SAP

Billing/metering - mass at scale

1998 - production was king

2018 -Customer is king

Started with deregulation

Billing/meter reading is commodity process

How about the customer?

Bundle, market, digital customer experience

Enterprise Back office - still running - large application with TB - EAM

Still big system of records, upgrade, 80 to 90% of IT budget

Business - need new systems - something quickly - customer experience

Mobile app

Quicker faster

Where do them?

BI-modal IT

Need new solutions that fulfill customer experience

What is the future of CRM?

Is over; no more CRM - discontinuing CRM the way it was built

Source: SAP


Sales, service marketing, commerce, industry (CRM)

Was a sidecar

Separate system; data replicated with middleware

Customer Management S/4HANA Sales Service Industry

  • took sales and service and put it in S4

  • Big decision

  • Functional and technical like by like

  • Same, no more middleware

  • In one box

  • This is customer box

Marketing and commerce? Need to go to c/4HANA

Sales and service in C4 is new design

S4 is existing design

C4 is linked with cloud connector

Marketing, sales - go to C4

Can run side by side (S4/C4)


City of Plentywood - still running CIC0

Customer interaction center

Upgrade to S4

Source: SAP

CIC0 is discontinued

Customer Service can run S/4HANA Customer Management instead of CIC0

Improved views and process are available in customer management

Custom processes (FOP) can be reused

  • service

  • Metering

  • Bill to cash

Net New customer look at C/4HANA first

Source: SAP

A move in takes me less than 3 minutes - CSR; this was demonstrated in the session

Customer management looks like Fiori

Source: SAP

Find customer, customer not found, create new customer, moving into territory - phone, email

Left side customer, right side split screen

Link to premise

Directly to move in

ISU move in

Fast move in

See top - system suggests

Contract template, put in meter reading

Create interaction record - 2 minutes and 20 seconds

Source: SAP

Customer Service specialists - new Fiori theme - web client UI - configurable, extensible

Add on to S4HANA - download from SAP, install in S4, part of S4 cannot de install it

In 2 or 3 releases, no longer an add-on

Part of S4 no more middleware

Harmonize data model

Source: SAP

Right side - all green boxes - what is available for Customer management now

Cleaned up data model

Customer vendor integration - 1 business agreement

Contract account - point to contract agreement

Source: SAP

HANA free text search

System will find


Source: SAP

BP overview

  • how call process

Source: SAP

Interaction records

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Billing agent now - bill information and correction

Better user interface than ISU

Source: SAP

FI CA is there as shown above

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Fast Move in Move Out - contract template, parked document

Source: SAP

Transaction launcher

  • old transaction - FPL9 - look at new ones first

Scope List (see blog)

Contract management - currently working on that (3 ways)

  • ISU transaction

  • Fast move in move out

  • CRM contract management

“Selling of energy products”


Today - deregulated customers

Source: SAP

S/4HANA Customer management architecture

Could start from Fiori launchpad

Source: SAP

Connect to contact center

Migration scenario (CRM to S4)

  • interaction center

Configure S4 (can’t transport)

  • manual migration of configuration

  • Manual migration of enhancements

  • Takes less time

CIC0 customer migration

  • no EC20

  • Technical upgrade - upgrade framework - search

  • Special license - basic CIC license

  • Option to improve - enterprise edition (nice screens) - smart search, move in move out

  • Option to discuss

  • Technical upgrade - quick

Source: SAP

S4 Utilities Customer Management - use a simplified CRM - embedded in S4 - TCO reduction

Offers "a delightful user experience" - fresh Fiori 2.0 UI theme, 50+ standard processes and improved performance through SAP HANA

Source: SAP

Planned roadmap; the legal disclaimer applies that things in the future are subject to change.


I want to thank Eventful Conferences (Jen Mellace, producer), SAP and the Advisory Committee for selecting a very important session.   Special thanks to the ASUG Utilities SIG especially Sue Daulton and Marc Rossen