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Technology and innovation are cornerstones for utilities to grow their business in the transformed energy markets. Cutting out fossil fuels, using renewables, balancing the power grids, and servicing prosumers are turning the old business models upside-down and require handling and usage of an avalanche of data from millions of meters and sensors. Intelligent technologies like artificial intelligence or high-performance real-time data analytics are key to generating value from this data and ensure a safe and reliable operation of our energy infrastructure.

SAP supports this development with technology provided in our SAP Business Technology Platform, applications in our Suite and Industry Cloud, and business networks to collaborate with a growing number of partners and service providers.

I’m very happy to have Infosys as this year’s partner for our Innovation Day at the Partner Utility Week. Infosys will show innovation examples how they help utilities master the above-mentioned challenges based on SAP technology and applications:

  • A visionary approach towards Energy Transition enabled by the Infosys Digital Energy Orchestrator focusing on transitioning towards sustainable shift from renewable energy, Energy as-a Service, Transport Electrification & Next Generation Grid.

  • Walk over of Infosys Intelligent solutions enabling utility customers increase business efficiency, bridging the gap between technology & business, and helping enterprises accelerate their digital transformation journey. Infosys has been working with SAP at multiple fronts of SAP Industry Cloud, Medallion Programs and Co-innovation Initiatives.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience with an intelligent layer on analytics to deliver contextual and personalized insights

  • Digital transformation by leveraging SAP Intelligent Asset management components. Infosys will present some interesting solutions and how they can enable operational excellence for the utility companies.

I am looking forward to meeting you at the Innovation Day on November 19. Join us also for the Service Excellence, Customer, Energy & Markets, and Assets days. Read more on our SAP Partner Utility Week website