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After the success of last year’s SAP Partner Utilities Week, we now have the privilege and pleasure to announce that our partner ATOS will again cover this year’s event, this time together with the two European-based utilities ACEA (I) and EDF (F).

On November 17th we will start with an introduction of the global strategic alliance between ATOS and SAP for driving digital innovation and net-zero goals, followed by a presentation on RISE with SAP and Atos.

After that we will show a customer case study of ACEA about Digitizing Water Management for a Sustainable Future and a presentation by ATOS about their Digital Platform.

The event will be concluded with another customer case study by the French utility EDF about the Increase of Business Value with Agile Transformation and a session by ATOS on Delivering the Roadmap for a Sustainable Digital Economy.

We are looking forward to meeting you on November 17th. Join us also for the Service Excellence, Customer, Assets, and Innovation Technology days. Read more on our SAP Partner Utility Week website.