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As per our planned scope, we have released SP03 of SAP Multichannel Foundation for Utilities which includes a brand new SAP UI5 based responsive template UI. A lot of
design effort has gone into the development of this new UI to ensure it looks and runs great on devices of all sizes such as smart phones, tablets and desktops. It adapts the UI design (such as the size and arrangement of UI elements) to the size of the device’s display.
Please see the screenshots taken from an iPad and an iPhone below.
Our previous desktop Web template UI (delivered with the SAP Multichannel Foundation for Utilities 1.0) is still part of the delivery and has gone through some technical improvements in this release.
In addition to the responsive UI, we have added some other highly demanded features such as:
  • Communication preferences: Using this feature, a utility customer can choose what channel they would like to be communicated through.  For example, a customer can opt for paperless billing, have outage notifications sent via SMS, and new promotions sent via email.
  • Outage map and reporting: This feature enables a utility customer to view the outage map and also report an outage.
  • Change product: Enables a customer to change utility products
  • Contract management (move-in/move-out) for IS-U only case: Move-in/move-out is now supported for the ERP IS-U only case.
  • Technical improvements.
Details about these features can be found in the latest documentation at
With the addition of these new features, the business processes covered by Multichannel Foundation for Utilities look like the following:
IPhone & IPad Screenshots

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