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SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv, SAP’s startup accelerator program, is opening its next cycle and looking for startups that help solve some of the biggest challenges facing the Utilities Industry, as well as startups that are looking to break into the Utilities field.

The SAP.iO Foundry startup accelerator program was founded in 2017 and targets startups who have identified that a partnership with SAP can open the door to global markets and a rich customer base that would be otherwise very challenging to access directly. Today, the SAP.iO program takes place in eight strategic hubs globally, including New York, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Tokyo, Paris, Munich, and Singapore. Each location runs two program cycles a year, each cohort with a focus on a different industry. Over the course of 12 weeks, selected startups will work closely with SAP to define joint solutions for the market, will receive technical assistance in integrations into SAP solutions, and get support in engaging with global SAP customers in the Utilities field. This is a virtual startup program and it is open to startups from around the world, beginning in October 2020.

Searching for Solutions in the Utilities Industry

The Utilities Industry has a staggering effect on our daily lives, and energy companies have a large responsibility to bring a constant supply of energy that will support our modern way of living. Looking ahead, this responsibility will only grow. With international pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the increasing demand for alternative energy sources, energy suppliers will be tasked with upholding existing regulations while facing several new challenges and updating regulations.

For the upcoming Utilities program, we are looking for enterprise software startups that offer one of the following solutions for energy companies:

  1. Retail & Prosumer - Retail platforms that allow new services and business models like peer-to-peer trading; E-Mobility including charging, fleet management and financial processes; Home energy management including energy usage insights and consumption control; Technologies that support Virtual Power Plants.

  2. Enterprise Asset Management - Drive upgrades while holding down costs with advanced asset management including asset health and predictive maintenance.

  3. Generation & Renewables - Support management of changing generation, storage capabilities and maximizing coverage and capture of energy from renewable sources.

  4. Transmission & Distribution - Advanced analytics that optimize loss management, drive operational efficiency and performance optimization through advanced distribution management systems, advanced device management and connectivity capabilities.

The Opportunity to Penetrate the Utilities Market, Even for Startups Currently Operating in Other Industries

Today, SAP’s solutions serve 45 out of 50 of the largest energy producers in the world, meaning, 91% of 2,000 of the biggest energy producers in the world are running on SAP technology. That’s exactly why we felt the need to focus our next cohort on Utilities. There are many startups whose solutions could influence the Utilities market, however, until today, they haven’t made it a priority because of the inability and difficulty in connecting to large customers. SAP.iO’s program will allow those same startups to sharpen their value to the industry and partner with SAP, which will allow better accessibility to large energy companies.

The virtual program is designated for B2B enterprise software startups from all over the world that have raised seed or Round A funding, and whose strategic roadmap includes an integration with SAP or an integration is a requirement from a customer.

In conclusion, we would love your support in passing along any relevant startups you have worked with who would be a great fit for our program, with innovative solutions in the Utilities industry. Applications close August 28th. For more information and for the application, click here.


SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv Demo Day 2019