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This was a session summary from last week's ASUG utility session, presented by SAP's Stefan Wolf

Source: SAP

Trends, strategy

Source: SAP


Legal disclaimer applies - everything is subject to change

Source: SAP

Global trends

Market changes - from regulatory perspective, who can play in utilities

  • Companies are entering the market

  • Deregulated market or regulated market

  • Network of players

Prosumers - get a check from your utility for generating energy

Affordability of power supply, access to stable utility supply

Digitalization enables automation, critical to succeed, more players to deal with, additional threats to security, penetration from outside

Lead to opportunities on the right

Explore new revenue streams, drive operational excellence with digitalization (AI), deal with regulatory compliance, get closer to the customer

Source: SAP

What SAP is doing

5 strategic moves for utilities

Left shows strategy, 5 key points for strategy, reimagine success for solutions, build on foundation

Innovate to new markets

"your success is our success"

Value proposition on the right

Agile, generic out of the box, real time insights

Source: SAP

Intelligent suite - S/4HANA for utilities

Meter to cash

Not providing end to end industry experience


Source: SAP

Industry cloud - cloud solutions for end to end requirements

Market cloud for regulation

Source: SAP

Bottom is S/4HANA

Flagship, foundation for utilities

Source: SAP

The evolution

Source: SAP

Fiori roles for utilities

"drive the work to them"

"Get data brought to them"

AI to help with common items

Source: SAP


Add machine learning

Learning from history from outsorted documented

Training the model to propose items to be released immediately

Source: SAP

New solution to design new products/services

Source: SAP

Real time access to analytics

Uses Core Data Services models, combining the right set of tables to meet needs of MR or billing agent

Reuse models to build insights

Built a digital board room for utilities using SAP Analytics Cloud

Source: SAP

Summary slide of value drivers


Source: SAP

Road map for utilities

More intelligence to solution for different areas

Source: SAP

70 utilities are live with S/4HANA

Source: SAP

Public Cloud for Utilities

Source: SAP


Source: SAP

Processes in utilities

EV adoption

Business opportunities

Some news:

Source: SAP/ASUG

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