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Last April took place the annual SAP for Nuclear Infodays. In its 6th edition the sessions were  hosted by SAP Czech office at Prague, located just in front of CEZ Headquarters, the largest nuclear power energy producer of Central Europe. The aim of these annual sessions is to establish a networking activity where to share knowledge, experiences and updates on the understanding of SAP solution portfolio and  strategy for Nuclear together with a deep dive into Partner Services and Solutions for nuclear specific business processes:  Use cases, Strategic Keynotes, Interactive - business focused sessions with experts and Network with peers and experts in a collaborative learning environment. Previous editions took place in Bratislava, at the Headquarters of Slovenské Elektrárne, Brussels, hosted by GDF Suez Electrabel (now Engie), SAP Labs at Sophia Antipolis and SAP Headquarters in Walldorf (twice). With an average of 60 participants, attendees at each edition are mostly IT managers from companies with Nuclear Power Generation Facilities, Regulators and Governmental institutions, Nuclear Engineering companies and other organisations and business of the Nuclear value chain such as Radio Waste Management, Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Construction or Nuclear Fuel processing combined with Service and technology partners related with the Nuclear value chain.

6th SAP for Nuclear registration website  (contains detailed Agenda)

Combined with this activity focused in bringing together our community of customers and partners to present case studies and discuss openly on how IT can support and improve Nuclear specific needs we have set up a Web Site with the purpose of establishing  a knowledge repository to share all these experiences and case studies collected among our nuclear ecosystem. It has also a dedicated focus to the contribution of Partner solutions for nuclear specific business processes and requirements such as the PWC Template of Nuclear Power Plants, successfully implemented in plants across the world, WCM IT application content, Opentext and HANA start-ups such as Futuroware.. In addition exists another repository for SCM4Nuclear, focused in Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants and Radioactive Waste Management. Access provided on request to Raik Kulinna ( ).

SAP for Nuclear Jam site. Access is provided on request at

Dates of the Infodays use to be coincident with the International SAP for Utilities Conference in order to assure the attendance of relevant overseas persons and therefore the quality and interest of the sessions and enable this year the participation as keynote speaker of Henry Bailey  (Global Vice President, Utilities IBU) as well as relevant experts from the US such as Rory Shaffer (Nuclear EAM expert, Utilities IBU) or Jeffrey Briner (PWC).  Together with these experts we had Strategic Keynotes from NuGen ( ) a UK nuclear company which is a joint venture between Toshiba (Westinghouse) and ENGIE (formerly GDF SUEZ) to develop a new generation nuclear power station of up to 3.6GW, EDF UK ( ) and use cases from Slovenské Elektrárne ( ), Commissariat à l'énergie atomique – CEA ( ).  Partners contributions were from PWC (nuclear template and PricewaterhouseCoopers Nuclear Information System) , Osisoft (PI connector for HANA), Opentext (Enterprise Content Management), WCM (Mobile WCM – Lockout/Tagout ) Scalers & Victors ( Data Quality ) and Futuroware (HANA start up with a Fire Protection Essentials application). Together with Customers and Partner content there were two deep dive workshops, mobility and  HANA as well as strategical contributions such as Asset Intelligence Network and Radioactive Waste Management and Nuclear Decommissioning with SAP.

NuGen keynote at SAP for Nuclear Infodays. Cover slide

After six years of successful networking meetings seems clear that the activity will smoothly continue. A network of interested contacts and a solid partner network can assure the progress of this activity and the enrichment of the knowledge repository.  Location for next year is not yet decided and the idea would be to bring experts and discussions to the premises of any company of the nuclear value chain interested to take advantage of the outcome of two intense days of networking, solution discussions and product update. Discussions on extending this activity to other regions exist as for the interest of Asia Pacific companies and organisations which traditionally send delegations. This year attended a representative from the Japan External Trade Organization – JETRO.  We also think on expanding the scope of the sessions to other areas of the Nuclear Value Chain beyond the Power Generation, with dedicated focus to Radioactive Waste Management and Nuclear Decommissioning. 

Contributors to the SAP for Nuclear Infodays: Jeffrey  Briner, Barry Middleton, Paul Person and Brian Williams (PWC), Claudia Travin (Opentext), Robert Calzaretta and Dave Crane (FuturoWare),  Ali Syed (Scalers and Victors), Jürgen Gebker (Osisoft), Rory Shaffer, Bernd Keller and Miquel Carbó (SAP).

Need more info? .

Reach for overall SAP for nuclear Rory Shaffer (US, Canada, Asia Pacific and Japan) and Miquel Carbo (Europe, Middle East and Africa, Latin America)

Raik Kulinna for Radio Waste Management and Nuclear Plant Decommission