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Disclaimer: this document is written with the sole intent of knowledge sharing based on my own personal experiences across various IS-U Data Migration projects. Please feel free to provide feedback/comments based on your project experiences that will enhance this content for the entire community within the SAP Utilities space.

Below is a list of Out-of the Box Legacy Data Elements that are typically targeted for data cleansing in most IS-U Implementations. While most of these are applicable for most Utility Customers, some data elements may be very specific and will need to be adjusted based on client specific requirements. E.g. Budget Billing flag may not be maintained by all Utility customers – this may be derived via another legacy data element.

In addition, various data cleansing items are usually identified / captured during the Mock Conversion Runs during the course of the project.

Data Grouping
Migration ObjectLegacy
data to validate
and/or Profiling Check
Legacy Data Elements
ACCOUNTBank Draft / Auto Pay indicators
  •   For all customers on Bank draft, validate if all
    the necessary Bank information available in legacy?
  • Pattern Analysis on Bank Account Number
  • Pattern Analysis on Routing Number
  • Bank Draft Indicator
  • Customer Bank Account Number
  • Customer Bank Routing Number
  • Customer Bank Account Holder Name
ACCOUNTSummary Billing Indicators
  • For all customers on Summary Billing, validate if all the necessary information
    available in legacy?
  • Summary Bill Indicator
BBP_EXTBudget Billing indicator
  • Completeness Check
  • Budget Billing Flag
Memo Log / Permanent Notes on Account
  • Existence of any “control” characters in the free form text fields
  • Data Consistency
  • Memo Logs
  • Account Notes

Last Billed Date

Service Start Date / Set Date

  • Completeness
  • Service Start Date
  • Last Billed Date
  • For all customers consolidation (if needed  - to define or correct 1:many relationship between Partner and Account)
  • Consolidation Flag (existing or created for purposes of conversion and cleansing)
PARTNERCustomer Names
  • Completeness Check
  • Name Parsing
  • Duplicates Check
  • Full Name
  • Prefixes/Suffixes
PARTNERMailing Addresses
  • Completeness Check
  • Data Consistency
  • Address Line 1, Line 2
  • Zip Codes
PARTNERCustomer data - DBA or C/o information
  • Pattern Analysis
  • Completeness Check
  • Data Consistency
  • DBA
  • C/o
  • ATTN
  • Pattern Analysis
  • Completeness Check
  • Data Consistency
  • SSN
  • TAX ID
PART_RELCustomer Relationships / Contacts
  • Completeness Check
  • Data Accuracy
  • Data Consistency
  • Residential customer- Spouse Data
  • Residential customer - Nearest Relative
  • Business customer – Account Manager
PROPERTYLandlord Data
  • Completeness Check
  • Data Consistency
  • Is the data easily identifiable?
  • Landlord account
  • Tenant Account
  • Landlord indicator
SECURITYPaid Deposits
  • Completeness Check
  • Data Accuracy
  • Data Consistency
  • Deposit Indicator
  • Deposit Class
  • Guarantor Indicator
  • Guarantor Account
  • Deposit Date
Location Data
CONNOBJService Address
  • Pattern Analysis
  • Completeness Check
  • Address Fields – Str Num, Street, Zip5, Zip4, City
PREMISEService Address
  • Pattern Analysis
  • Completeness Check
  • Data Consistency
  • Address Supplemental Information (Apt, Suite
  • Location Type – Barn, School, Single-family home
INSTLNServices on location
  • Pattern Analysis
  • Completeness Check
  • Rate Class
  • Service Start Date
  • Life Support Indicator
Meter DataDEVICE / INST_MGMTMeter Data
  • Duplicate Check
  • Pattern Analysis
  • Completeness Check
  • Data Consistency
  • Meter Number
  • Number of Dials
  • Meter Install Date
  • Meter Status
  • Meter Constant
DEVLOC/ NOTE_DLCMeter Location Data
  • Pattern Analysis
  • Data Consistency
  • Meter Location Notes
  • Meter Reader Notes
  • Data Consistency
  • Completeness Check
  • Route
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