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We have cloud enabled Live Activity application integrated with ERP IS Utilities. In this blog we have highlighted some of the functionalities of C4C - ISU Live Activity application.

Solution Scenario - Agent receives call from customers requesting for a service. Service can be request for move-in, move-out, cancel move-in, cancel move-out, edit move-in, edit move-out, transfer, create or edit meter reading, create or edit contract account, request for locks and blocks on contract accounts and contracts, financial transactional activities, so on and so forth. Not just these, the solution provides a comprehensive overview of a utilities customer that an agent can use along with the multi-channel platform to offer the best services to a customer.

The functionality thus offers a promising cloud solution for utility cloud services.  In this space, we will post a series of collaterals on the functionality of the Live Activity Application with ERP IS-U.

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Live Activity/Customer Interaction activities performed by agent using C4C - ISU Live Activity application.

1. How to search and identify a customer - Utilities Live Activity Search - YouTube

2. How to access 360 degree view of identified customer- Utilities 360 view  - YouTube

3. How to create, edit contract account - SAP C4C Utilities Contract Account - YouTube

4. How to select and confirm a contract account -Confirming a contract account - YouTube

Financial activities performed by agent using C4C - ISU Live Activity application.

1. How to create invoice with meter reading - Create Invoice With Meter Reading - YouTube

2. How to create invoice - SAP C4C Utilities Create Invoice - YouTube

This blog is work in progress, so please bear with us. These are not official content, they are only how to videos with intend to help the end users.