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In July 2019, SAP revealed the largest development initiative in the Utilities space since the launch of SAP IS-U in 1998. Since then, our project team has been working at full speed to develop this future-oriented cloud suite tailored to the needs of next generation utilities companies. With RISE with SAP for Utilities we have reached another milestone which will be available soon.


What is RISE with SAP for Utilities and what makes it so special?

The SAP Cloud for Utilities suite consists of a variety of individual modular cloud solutions supporting the complete offer to cash process for multiservice Utilities from an end-to-end perspective. 

The modular and open architecture of the individual suite components allows the flexible combination of business capabilities tailored to the unique requirements of every customer. This means, Utilities can either use the suite holistically to manage their complete offer-to-cash process for energy and non-commodity services or they can use only parts of the suite to complement already existing products from SAP or third-party vendors with new innovations. 

The functional richness of the different SAP cloud components allows tailored solution combinations for any kind of Utility and addresses the functional needs of Retailers, Grid Operators and Integrated Utilities.  

RISE with SAP for Utilities is fully embedded in SAP’s Industry Cloud strategy and provides the commercial framework to bundle the different cloud components that an individual utility-customer needs under one single offering. 

What are the benefits for our customers?

RISE with SAP for Utilities simplifies the pricing complexity for every customer: until today, customers got a separate quote for each SAP Cloud for Utilities component they wanted to use. With this new concept, prospects will now get ONE consolidated quote with a single price for their individual configuration of the required SAP Cloud for Utilities components. This so-called RISE with SAP  Transformation Packages will increase the transparency of the holistic subscription fees for the selected cloud services.

In addition to that, we offer for selected solution components that are part of a RISE Transformation Package an attractive promotional discount until the end of 2021.


Will this approach also be offered for On-Premise products?

No, RISE with SAP for Utilities addresses only SaaS products. However, this includes also Private Cloud options for classic SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA on-premise products. Thus, customers can easily move their existing SAP for Utilities landscapes to the cloud and benefit immediately from TCO reductions at very limited change management efforts. 

When will RISE for SAP for Utilities be available?

RISE with SAP for Utilities is available since Beginning of June 2021.

Please use the comment section below for questions and feedback.

Stay tuned for more updates and visit or SAP Cloud for Utilities Community Page to get more information about the industry cloud solution for utilities companies.